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NCHF Objectives
To provide a common forum for dealing with technical, financial and practical problems relating to housing cooperatives and devise ways and means of solving them.
To carry on publicity and promotion of Cooperative Housing Movement and for that purpose to arrange for publication of periodicals, news bulletins and journals, exchange statistics and information relating to cooperative housing.
To coordinate and guide the working of housing cooperatives in respect of planning, construction, etc. of houses and make available expert advice/services for the purpose.
To promote apex cooperative housing federations in those States where such organisations do not exist.
To organise cooperative education, training and information programmes for its members, directors, employees and personnel of housing cooperatives.
To organise conferences, conventions, seminars, working groups as well as research work relating to cooperative housing and allied matters.
Service Provided
Assisting Apex Cooperative Housing Federations in raising financial resources from the Life Insurance Corporation of India, National Housing Bank, Housing and Urban Development Corporation and other funding agencies.
Guiding State Governments/Union Territory Administrations in the matter of setting-up Apex Cooperative Housing Federations and housing cooperatives.
To coordinate and guide the working of housing cooperatives in respect of planning, construction, etc. of houses and make available expert advice/services for the purpose.
Providing a common forum to member federations to examine problems of housing cooperatives and allied matters.
Conducting research and studies on various aspects of housing and housing cooperatives.
Representing the Indian Cooperative Housing Movement at the national and international fora.
Imparting education and training to personnel of housing cooperatives thereby upgrading their skill and knowledge and improving their efficiency.
Providing guidance to apex and primary housing cooperatives on technical and legal matters.
Assisting housing cooperatives on General Insurance.
Member Services
NCHF on behalf of its member federations frequently takes up all those issues and problems which are of a uniform nature and causing concern to the cooperative housing sector, like finance, land, legal, etc. with the appropriate authorities for amicable solutions. As a result, a number of issues have been settled which have facilitated the housing cooperatives to run their activities smoothly.

NCHF also maintains proper liaison with Insurance Companies for undertaking the general insurance business of housing cooperatives. NCHF has made arrangements with the United India Insurance Company and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company for undertaking general insurance of the properties of housing cooperatives across the country under which a uniform cover is provided to housing cooperatives at reduced premium rates against the magnitude and spread of the risk to cooperative projects.
Training, Research & Studies
It is crucial that members of housing cooperatives should have some basic education in cooperation and that the employees and office bearers in particular should be trained to perform their duties efficiently. Accordingly, NCHF has been making arrangements for the training of Cooperators, Directors, Staff and Office bearers of apex cooperative housing federations and their housing cooperatives on technical and other aspects of cooperative housing like finance, leadership development, organization and management, low cost housing technology, accounts keeping, legal issues, computer application, general insurance etc.
NCHF has so far organized more than 80 technical training programmes for the benefit of apex cooperative housing federations and housing cooperatives.
NCHF has been maintaining effective coordination with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Ministry of Agriculture, Planning Commission, State Governments, Reserve Bank of India, National Housing Bank, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Life Insurance Corporation of India, General Insurance Corporation of India, National Buildings Organisation, Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council, Central Building Research Institute, National Cooperative Union of India, National Council for Cooperative Training and various State level Apex Cooperative Housing Federations so as to acquaint itself about their policy decisions and pursuing the matters concerning housing cooperatives with them and to work in a better cooperative manner to provide strength to the Cooperative Housing Movement in the country.
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